Why Us?

So, you have looked at all the different portable structures choices available online today. You are wondering why purchase from Raber’s?

These sheds are built with the best Amish quality available.
In fact, that is our mission to have the best quality barn you can imagine.
To ensure our quality is met, we have hired a Quality Control Manager
to check all our barns before they are shipped out to make sure that you
have the best barn on the market.  We at Raber Storage Barns take pride in satisfying our customers’ needs.

Unlike most competitors, Raber’s has hired Sales Reps that are physically present on our varying lots to make sure that your questions get answered.  This way, we are able to work with you to make sure that you are getting the right size for a price that you can afford.  Raber’s strives to keep the buyer educated.  If there is a question that we do not know, we will see that your question gets answered.  We at Raber’s work hard to make sure our customers feel comfortable throughout the entire buying process from start to finish.

Some of the quality features that we use that several of our competitors do not are diamond plate threshold vs. a regular metal threshold, ¾ inch treated flooring vs. 5/8 inch untreated plywood, treated floor joists, truss clips, connecting boards on trusses, and metal flashing under the windows.

Most companies use Treated T-1-11 siding on the exterior of their barns.  We use Painted LP Painted Smart Siding, which is water resistant and termite resistant.  Treated T-1-11 siding, on the other hand, will start showing signs of discoloring, delamination, and rot within a year, and is a hard up keep with re-staining every year.

Use the handy comparison guide below to check our competition.

  1. Treated floor joist.
  2. ¾” tongue groove treated floor.
  3. Joist 12” on center.
  4. #1 premium grade lumber, no bark
  5. #1- 40-year metal.
  6. Fiberglass entry door, no rust
  7. 30 Year dimensional shingles
  8. Moister barrier underlayment for metal 
  9. Steel plates for truss, more strength
  10. Haley paint designed for smart siding