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We started building sheds full time in January of 2000. However, that is only part of the story. I have been helping build these barns since I was 8 years old as my father, to whom I have never given enough credit, built barns as a part time job. Man, those were some late nights! We didn’t have any fancy shop or power tools at that time. The only tools we had was a gas powered Homelite skill saw that ran sometimes and a gas powered table saw.

I’m lucky that I still have all my limbs left!

Getting back to the story, as my first paying job, I nailed all the plywood with a hammer and nails! Guess what Dad paid me? $1.00 for each floor! I had to watch not to make dents on the floor or got a stern, “Do it better or customers won’t like it.”

The very first sheds we built were those ugly old Blue Barn Dog Food sheds if anyone remembers those. They had Blue Barn Dog Food painted with white letters on the roof and we painted a picture of a dog on the door with his name Fido above it. We laid out the metal in our unfinished upstairs of the house. We laid our stencils, which were made out of fiberglass, on the metal then spray painted it with cans of spray paint. I’ll bet the EPA would be proud of us if we did that today!

When our company began in 2000, I only had one employee, which was my wife.

I didn’t have much experience talking to people at that time so times were tough. I still remember the first shed I sold to a guy in Indiana; he had more faith in me than I did! Our business has grown a lot since then. We now have a full staff of full and part time employees and our delivery and setup, team. When you order a barn at Raber’s Portable Storage, we do the very best to make sure the building meets or exceeds your expectations. We want to make sure that buying a building from us is a pleasure, not a chore. We also want to thank all of our past and future customers for considering a barn from Raber’s.

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