Shed Moving Service

Relocate Your Shed When You Move

Relocating Sheds

Relocating your shed on your property can be a stressful process and we have heard horror stories from customers who have tried to do it on their own. You run the risk of damaging your shed and property, and on top of that, you may wind up injuring yourself. 

When moving a shed yourself, navigating it through trees and tight spaces can be tricky and may lead to a stressful day filled with adjustments and potential risks. Whether you’re moving to a new location or looking to rearrange your current property, we highly recommend using a professional moving company for a hassle-free experience. Raber Portable Storage Barns is proud to provide shed moving services in-house to make shed placement and relocation quick and easy for our customers

Raber’s Moving Services


For units up to 40’ long, Raber Storage Barns provides professional shed moving services to customers in southern Indiana and all of Kentucky. Moving a shed with dollies, skids, or pipe rollers may cause damage to the shed while tearing up your lawn in the process. The professionals at Raber make this process quick and easy with their expert technique and shed-moving technology. 

We use a Mule Shed Mover to relocate your shed without damaging it or tearing up the grass. This tool runs on tracks that allow it to traverse any terrain, and can easily maneuver with the weight of your storage building. Its impressive 5,000 lb. capacity and combination of forks and braces allow Elite to move sheds with ease. The shed mule also gives us the ability to navigate through tight spaces that would normally be off-limits without the tool. 

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