Electrical Package

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Electrical Package

Trying to run electricity to a storage building yourself can be dangerous; let us handle it for you! Raber’s electrical packages are a safe, convenient way to install electricity in your outdoor building.

Electrical Package Options

Standard Electrical Package
  • 6 pole 100 amp breaker box
  • 12-14 interior outlets
  • 1-2 light switches
  • 2-4 interior light fixtures
  • Additional interior light fixtures: $25 per fixture
  • Exterior lights are not included but may be added for $50 per fixture
Premium Electrical Package
  • 12 pole 200 amp breaker box
  • 14-16 interior outlets
  • 1-2 exterior outlets
  • 3-4 light switches
  • 6-10 interior light fixtures
  • 1-2 exterior light fixtures
  • Additional interior light fixtures: $25 per fixture
  • Additional exterior light fixtures: $50 per fixture

We proudly offer outdoor breaker boxes that are ideal for use in both commercial or residential outdoor buildings. For your convenience, our boxes are compatible for use with most standard circuit breaker models. 

Rest assured that our boxes are suited for withstanding the elements! Each breaker box features a waterproof rain cover, along with high-quality aluminum to ensure your electrical system functions properly throughout the year. 

For enhanced safety in outdoor environments, you can rely on the ground-fault circuit interrupters to secure your property and electrical system against ground faults or “leaks.”

Similar to any other outdoor-based electrical system, you should always be sure that any product you choose complies with the National Electrical Code, which recommends the use of ground fault interrupters (GFCIs) to make sure that your outdoor building applications run smoothly.

What You Can Expect During the Installation Process

For your convenience, each purchase of an electrical system from Raber is delivered so you can enjoy a ready-to-use system that will be prepared for your electrician to connect and turn on as soon as the installation is complete.

You can also count on us to locate and provide service from a certified and properly licensed electrician, which saves you time, money, and hassle.

There’s no need for you to worry about the security of the wires in your electrical system, either! We will take care of making sure that each part and product is securely fastened within the electrical system before our professionals leave the premises. 

Get an Electrical Package from Raber Today

Ready for a safe, secure, and ready-to-use electrical system for your outdoor buildings, portable storage sheds, or man cave? Get in touch with an expert today. Contact us today for more information, or a free consultation.

Electrical Package Gallery

100-amp breaker box after installation.

Two electrical sockets inside a storage building.

Two electrical sockets with light switch after installation.

Electrical system after installation with wires and sockets.

Installed ceiling socket for light bulb.