Color Selector

Color Selector

Customization is one of the best parts of building any shed, barn, or garage, and adding that final touch is the thing that makes your structure truly yours. We have plenty of colors to choose from, so you can customize your structure to exactly your preferences.

Styling Tips


While the possible color combinations are endless, some of the most popular are:

  • Clay and Evergreen
  • Stone, Burnished Slate Gray, and Charcoal
  • Gray and Charcoal
  • Stone and Burnished Slate

Don’t forget that lighter-colored roofs tend to be cooler than darker shades, so if you’re storing anything that’s temperature-sensitive, keep this in mind! 

Depending on the style and material of your structure, different colors and trims may look better than others. For example, metal sheds look great with the same trim and roof color. If you’re looking for consistency, we can match or complement the color of your home as well!

We have color samples available, so you can rest assured that you’ll love your color choice before making the purchase! Remember, colors may appear different on a computer screen than they do in-person, so getting samples beforehand is a good idea.

See your local dealer for additional details on color choices.

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