About Us

Why Choose Us?

Raber Portable Storage has been providing quality storage structures to Indiana and the Midwest for nearly two decades. So, it’s no surprise that we have the largest selection of sheds in all of Indiana. We invite you to visit one of our many locations to check out our quality products. We will even deliver up to 250 miles out from our main location in Indiana. 

Here at Raber Portable Storage, your satisfaction is our top priority. We will work with you to solve your storage issues. All of our structures are handcrafted by experienced craftsmen who understand how important it is to have quality products. In fact, we stand by our excellent workmanship with a five-year warranty on our products. 

When you order a barn at Raber Portable Storage, you can rest assured that the building will meet or exceed your expectations. We want to make sure that buying a building from us is a pleasure, not a chore. 

A Bit of History

We started building sheds full-time in January of 2000. However, that is only part of the story. I have been helping build these barns since I was 8 years old, as my father built barns as a part-time job. Man, those were some late nights!

We didn’t have any fancy shop or power tools. At that time, the only tools we had were a gas-powered Homelite skill saw that ran sometimes, and a gas-powered table saw. It’s lucky that I still have all my limbs left!

Back when our company began manufacturing sheds in 2000, I only had one employee, which was my wife. I didn’t have much experience talking to people at the time, so that made it tough. I still remember the first shed I sold to a guy in Indy. He had more faith in me than I did!

Our business has grown a lot since then. We now have a full staff of full and part time employees, and our delivery and setup team. When you order a barn at Raber’s Portable Storage, we do the very best to make sure the building meets or exceeds your expectations. We also want to thank all of our past and future customers for considering a barn, shed, or garage from Raber’s. 

I said a prayer for you today…

I said a prayer for you today and know God must have heard. I felt the answer in my heart although He spoke no word (I knew you wouldn’t mind) I ask Him to send treasures of a more everlasting kind! I ask that He’d be near you at the start of each new day; to grant your health and blessings and friends to share along your way! I ask for happiness for you in all things great and small but it was for His loving care. I prayed for most of all!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build the best sheds on the market, in the best working environment, improving our community one employee at a time.

Meet The Team
Marvin Raber

Marvin Raber

Marvin Raber is the ‘jack-of-all trades’ owner of Raber Storage Barns and his primary focus in this role is managing sales and purchasing. He brings the strengths of forward thought and big picture planning to his role as owner. Marvin takes great pride in interacting with customers and determining the best Raber solution for their needs. The Raber team gives him much joy, as does receiving feedback that the work they have done as a team has resulted in a satisfied customer. In his spare time, Marvin loves to travel.

Emma Raber photo

Emma Raber

Emma Raber is the primary bookkeeper at Raber Storage Barns. Emma previously worked at a cabinet shop where she perfected her eye for details.  Raber customers commend her friendly personality and clearly understand that she thrives off of working with them.  Emma also assists with sales, answering the phones, and has been on staff for 2 years.  Her favorite aspect of her job is “making sure all the numbers match up!”

Danita Raber photo

Danita Raber

Danita Raber has been on staff as the office manager at  Raber Storage Barns for two years.  Before joining our team, Danita owned a dog grooming business. She allocates her time and effort to finding the best storage solutions for her customers.  She enjoys the challenge of finding those solutions in products available from Raber. Our customers find her to be relatable and a facilitator in their decision making process. Among Danita’s hobbies are travel and time training her Morgan horses.