Backyard Greenhouses

Are you a plant lover or gardener who has always dreamed of having your own backyard greenhouse? It can become a reality with a custom greenhouse from Raber Storage Barns!

Each backyard greenhouse we manufacture can be fully customized with shelves, skylights, and windows. Our small backyard greenhouses offer a stylish alternative to a traditional greenhouse, while providing your plants a safe and sunny place to grow strong. With the look of a storage shed and the warmth and light of a greenhouse, our structures are the perfect option for homeowners looking to grow their property value, and their plants. 

Whether you are new to plants and gardening or are an expert plant enthusiast or master gardener, we’ve got the perfect structure for you. Take a look at some of our most popular backyard greenhouse options below. 

Deluxe Greenhouse

Our deluxe greenhouse comes standard with windows surrounding the structure and skylights to allow your plants to receive sun even when it is at its highest point in the sky. Shelves line the walls offering you ample storage for your herbs, flowers, seedlings and more. In addition, the exterior Smart Siding combines the beauty of a storage shed with the light of a greenhouse. 

8x10 Greenhouse

Our 8x10 low wall greenhouse is a great option for homeowners with small yards. The low wall design allows us to line the roof with windows that bring in tons of light to ensure your plants are getting the sun they need. Like all of our greenhouses, the 8x10 Greenhouse can be fully customized with additional shelves, skylights, and windows.

12x12 Greenhouse

The 12x12 Greenhouse is a larger option designed for extreme plant enthusiasts. The walls are wrapped with windows and each door features lots of glass to let in additional light. The 12x12 Greenhouse features lots of room to work and add shelves to satisfy all of your plant storage needs. 

Looking for a custom greenhouse? We’ve got you covered! Contact us today for a complimentary quote on your dream backyard greenhouse. 

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Greenhouse Interior

Do you have a green thumb?

Deluxe Greenhouse

Our deluxe greenhouse with glass from top to bottom, with shelves inside for your beautiful flowers. Shown here in pavestone Smart Siding and driftwood shingle roof.

8x10 Greenhouse

8x10, Low wall greenhouse shown with T1-11 siding.

12x12 Greenhouse

12x12, Greenhouse with side windows. Shown with T1-11 siding and evergreen metal roof, sealed with clear stain.