6 Ideas For Your Hunting Cabin Interior

By SchwebAdmin

Our Portable Hunting Cabin shells are an affordable option for your mountain getaways and give you the option to customize the cabin interior to your taste and specifications. In this blog post, we will discuss some cabin interior ideas that will help you craft the cabin getaway of your dreams.

Wood Burning Stove

Portable Hunting Cabins are meant to be a warm refuge to return to after a long day of hunting. Wood-burning stoves are a warm and cozy option for any hunting cabin, and they come in many sizes to fit your needs. Also, if you don’t plan on putting electricity in your cabin the wood stove can be used as a makeshift oven and stovetop.

Rustic Furniture

It may seem like an obvious choice, but rustic furniture adds the warmth and comfort most people are looking for in their hunting cabin interior. Earth tones and rustic log furniture make your hunting cabin an extension of the outdoors and provide a comfortable place to relax after a long day of hunting.

With small hunting cabins, it is important to lay out your floor plan before you purchase furniture. Having a plan allows you to lay out your cabin efficiently so everyone has a comfortable place to sit.

Natural Light

When you are escaping to your hunting cabin you want to be in nature as much as possible. Having lots of windows to bring in natural light allows you to enjoy the morning sun even in the winter. These windows can be accented with drapes that follow the warm earth tone color scheme we discussed earlier in the blog post.

At Raber, our cabins come standard with 4 insulated 2×3 windows, but can be customized to add additional windows for more natural light.

Entryway Storage

Portable Hunting cabins require you to be efficient in your design, and an entryway storage area for your coats and shoes is a great way to store your things while taking up minimal space. This is especially beneficial on hunting trips so you have a place to store your winter gear and hunting equipment. Here are DIY entryway storage options that will give you some ideas for your cabin.

Many of our cabins come with a loft area that is perfect for storing seasonal items or tucking away gear for the night.

Warm Earth Tones

Using warm earth tones in your hunting cabin interior brings the colors of nature into your space. Warm and cozy wall hangings make you feel right at home, and add a cozy feel to the cabin. You can also use earth tones to paint an accent wall and add some dimension to your space.

Bunk Beds

If you plan on having multiple guests staying in your cabin bunk beds are a great option so everyone can sleep comfortably. There are also companies and DIY options that provide storage underneath the bunk bed, which is perfect for small hunting cabins. Bunk beds are great for kids, and there are options that are big enough for adults.

Our hunting cabin shells can be customized to your liking with our 3D Shed Builder, contact us today for a free estimate!