Horse Barn Lighting Options

By SchwebAdmin

When it comes to your horse barn interior, proper lighting is key. Having a well-lit barn not only means that you’ll be able to see and work in your barn at all times of the day, but your horses will also be more content and comfortable. Keep reading to learn more about how to provide the best lighting for your horse barn.

Horse Barn Lighting Choices

When choosing a type of lighting fixture for your horse shelter, there are a few options to consider.

LED Fixtures

LED lights are the most popular choice when lighting a horse barn. In addition to their high performance level, energy efficiency, and long lifespan, LED fixtures are virtually maintenance-free. Using LED light fixtures means you likely won’t have to replace the lights in your barn for a long time, meaning you can focus more on what matters.

Vapor Proof Fixtures

Vapor proof fixtures are lights that are enclosed in a vapor-tight housing. These fixtures are great for situations in which the light source and wiring need to be well-protected. Vapor proof lighting is also a fitting choice for horse barns with damp or dusty conditions.

Natural Light

Natural light inside a horse barn is important. It’s pleasant, cost efficient, and beneficial to your horse’s health. The best way to take advantage of natural light in your barn is to use clear materials instead of solid paneling where possible. This may involve adding acrylic panels to barn doors and eaves, or incorporating skylights into the roof.

How to Choose the Best Horse Barn Lights

In order to ensure you pick the best lights for your horse barn, take the following things into account.


The safety of your horses should be a top priority. So, it’s important to choose light fixtures that don’t pose the risk of damage to your animals, or you. For example, dust, hay, and debris collecting on lights can become a hazard, so it’s crucial to purchase lights that offer protection against flying particles and dust. Additionally, be sure to choose lights that don’t generate too much heat, like halogen and incandescent bulbs. These can be a fire hazard, especially during hot weather, and they aren’t a good choice for agricultural use.

Energy Efficiency

It’s safe to say that you’ll be using the lights inside your horse barn quite a bit, and this can quickly raise your electric bill if you aren’t careful about choosing energy efficient lights. Despite their power and size, some horse barn lights are surprisingly energy efficient. In fact, some can reduce energy use by over 50 percent, which makes a big difference when it comes to bills.

Light Output and Coverage

The balance between light coverage and energy efficiency can be difficult to strike. To many horse barn owners, a dimly lit barn isn’t worth the money saved in energy costs. Having quality lighting is worth the extra bit of money spent. You’ll be able to see clearly, and your horses will, too.

Ease of Installation

Some horse barn lighting can be difficult to set up. If you’re not an experienced handyman, it’s a good idea to purchase lighting that’s easy to install. For example, stem or chain mounted systems make light installation much simpler.

Fewer Shadows and Glares

Some lower-quality barn lights will give off a glare that’s tough on the eyes, which makes working inside your barn more difficult. Similarly, if a light isn’t bright enough, it can cast some pesky shadows across your barn. That said, investing in lighting that’s of a higher quality will reduce these shadows and glares, which will make working and spending time in your barn much more comfortable.

Time to “Heat Up”

No one likes having to stand around and wait for the lights in their barn to warm up after flipping the switch. To eliminate this problem, purchase lights with instant-on features. That way, your barn will be illuminated as soon as you flip the switch!

Exterior Lights

As you’re mapping out the lighting options for your horse barn, don’t forget about exterior lights. A quality floodlight or two should be sufficient when it comes to lighting the outside of your barn. Additionally, if you’re concerned about security, installing motion sensor lights is a great way to alert you of anything moving around outside of your barn.

Choosing the right type of lighting can really transform your horse barn’s interior. If you’re in the market for a brand new horse barn, check out our selection at Raber Storage Barns today!