Open Deluxe Horse Barn | Customer Spotlight

By SchwebAdmin

Today’s spotlight is a customized, open deluxe barn that was “perfectly designed as specified for (the customer’s) needs.” Our customer, Nadia, was most pleased with the customer service and good workmanship. When asked if she recommends us to friends and family, she does and would work with Raber again on future projects.

Nadia and her family recently moved and have been slowly setting up their property to keep their horses at home. They use their new barn for their standardbred and pony that they ride and occasionally show, in addition to their two older show horses. The open deluxe horse barn was perfect for their needs.

They went with a custom version of the Open Deluxe, as their horses needed shelter and they needed a place to store their feed and tack. We added a single stall with a divider to use for grooming and tacking up. The custom layout faces the tack room and grooming stalls towards their home and yard for Nadia to keep an eye on her children while in the barn. The run-in portion on the opposite side protects from the prevailing weather.

They used Raber’s ShedView 3D Configurator for the basic design and then talked to an expert to customize it to their needs. The 3D modeling tool was helpful in deciding what colors and styles would best coordinate with their home.

When asked why they went with Raber, Nadia said, “We are a busy family with 2 young children and a third on the way. It was easiest to have our building completed, and enjoy our family time together, rather than to try to make the time and energy to build it ourselves. The pricing was excellent as well.”

In one word, Nadia described working with Raber as relaxed. “Rabers made the whole process relaxed and comfortable for us throughout. It was nice not having such a big project be stressful. Everyone was thoroughly polite through the entire process, from getting quotes on various sizes, multiple calls on various questions, figuring out the custom design, double and triple checking it was correct, and during the delivery process. I very much appreciated not having it a rushed process. It went smoothly and relaxed throughout.”


customized deluxe open horse barn


Now, the horses are enjoying the run-in to get out of the heat and away from the bugs. Nadia is enjoying having a comfortable space for herself to relax, store their horse stuff and spend time with their horses out of the weather.

If you’re interested in learning more about Raber’s horse barns, talk with an expert today or request a quote. You can also design your own barn or shed using our ShedView 3D Configurator.