Raber Storage Barns is an authorized dealer for Good Times Play playsets and playgrounds. Our goal is to keep your child active in your yard. Our custom swing sets can be tailored to fit your needs and budget. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Some of the features of our playsets include:

  • Swings: Buoy Ball Swings, Belt Swings, EZ Rider 2-Kid Swings, Baby Swings, Web Swings, Adult Swings
  • Slides: Wave Slides, Tube Slides
  • Multiple Levels
  • EZ Climb Steps
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • Monkey Bars
  • Clubhouse Hideout
  • Trapeze Bars with Rings
  • Sandboxes
  • Gangplanks

Don't forget that some of our playground equipment options are available in Rent To Own! We offer several low monthly payment options.

Concerned about transporting your swing set to your home? We will also deliver your structure and set it up for you.

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Good Times Play Playsets

Hang Out Series

Playsets in the Hang Out Series:

Rock n Roll Playset

Easy Getaway Playset

Rolling Stone Playset

Great Balls of Fire Playset

Sky Climb Series

Playsets in the Sky Climb Series:

Dew Drop Playset

Footloose Playset

Thunder Run Playset

Rowdy Ranger Playset

Club Series

Playsets in the Club Series:

Billy the Kid Playset

Strawberry Playset

Dixie Flyer Playset

Cracker Jack Playset

Wrangler Playset

Elizabethtown Playset

Mustang Sally Playset

XL Club Series

Playsets in the XL Club Series:

Classic Club Playset

Stardust Playset

Moon Struck Playset

Supernova Playset

Hidden Meadow Playset

Summer Daze Playset

Butterscotch Playset

Light Series

Playsets in the Light Series:

Summer Rain Playset

Firefly Playset

Starburst Playset

Eagle Eye Playset

Carolina Playset

Jolly Junction Playset

Rising Sun Playset

Town House Series

Playsets in the Town House Series:

Fun Factory Playset

Apple Jack Playset

Stephen Foster Playset

Mayberry Playset

On the Town Playset

Super Club Series

Playsets in the Super Club Series:

Afternoon Delight Playset

Easy Street Playset

Grand Slam Playset

Skipper Series

Playsets in the Skipper Series:

Hidden Treasure Playset

Captain Hook Playset

Riff Raff Playset

Good Vibrations Playset

Calico Jack Playset

Hideout Series

Playsets in the Hideout Series:

Happy Hideout Playset

Peter Pan Playset

Honeysuckle Playset

Dream Chaser Series

Playsets in the Dream Chaser Series:

Crazy Cowboy Playset

Ambition Playset

Lucky Star Playset

Huckleberry Playset

XL Light Series

Playsets in the XL Light Series:

Family Fun Playset

Jupiter Playset

Penny Lane Playset

Jim Dandy Playset

Razzle Tazzle Playset

Pearl Series

Playsets in the Pearl Series:

Great Fortune Playsets

Adventure Galley Playsets

Jolly Ranger Playsets

PlayMor Sheer Delight Playset with 2 covered levels, 2 slides, and swings.

PlayMor Swing Sets Dealer

Raber Storage Barns' West Lafayette location is an authorized dealer for PlayMor Swing Sets. These high-quality swing sets are fun for everyone and don't need a bunch of maintenance to stay looking beautiful. Check out some of our featured PlayMor Sets.