A Backyard Pottery Studio | Customer Spotlight

By SchwebAdmin

Today’s spotlight features a Raber garage that serves the role of a pottery studio for its owner, Monte. Having previously had his studio in the basement of his home, Monte shared that when his family made the decision to convert the basement into a family room, he had to pivot to a solution that kept his studio easily accessible and freed up the space needed for the basement conversion. So he turned to Raber’s site for inspiration and a solution.

When asked what modifications and customization he had designed into his project, Monte explained that using the 3D modeler on our website helped him examine his options. He originally wanted an 18×32 shed for his backyard studio, but upon realizing the DOT’s transportation limitations of a shed that size, he decided upon a 16×32 structure instead.

When asked why he chose to work with our team, he cited that our location was close by and he received good recommendations about our work.  Monte tells us that he found working with our team quite easy and that he’s continuously suggesting our products to others.  Thank you, Monte!

Raber Storage Barn customers often turn their projects into a variety of inspired and creative spaces for themselves and their families or pets. And because of that creativity, we like to showcase some of those projects with a new Customer Spotlight blog series.  We hope the series will inspire you with new and exciting ideas for how to make the products available in our catalog work for you.

If you’re interested in designing and ordering a customized garage or shed of our own – contact us today!