Benefits of Adding a Ramp to Your Shed

By SchwebAdmin

When you purchase a storage shed or detached garage, you often have the opportunity to upgrade it with a heavy-duty ramp from the manufacturer. How do you know if this is the right option for you? Read on to learn about the benefits of shed and garage ramps.

Benefits of Shed Ramps

When you add a heavy-duty ramp to your shed, it helps with wheeled storage. For your typical storage barn, this means you can easily store your push lawn mower or riding mower. For a garden shed or greenhouse, you can roll your wheelbarrow inside the building. Even if you don’t use your shed to store wheeled equipment, it still makes it easier on your knees to walk up a ramp with heavy items. Another benefit is that ramps make your shed accessible to wheelchair users, which is helpful if you use a shed as an office or workshop.

Benefits of Garage Ramps

If you have an attached garage built on a concrete foundation, you’ll likely have no need for a ramp. However, if you build a detached garage you’ll likely need a ramp of some type in order to drive your vehicle or trailer inside. The most cost-effective way to build a garage is to actually have a pre-built garage delivered on a gravel foundation. In this case, there will be a slight step up from the ground to the garage floor. You’ll either need to pour a concrete or asphalt ramp, which is expensive, or build one out of wood and/or steel. These heavy-duty manufacturer ramps are the cheapest option to add a ramp. They are built to withstand the weight of a 3-ton pickup truck, so they’re capable of withstanding the pressure of cars or boat trailers as well. It’s the perfect solution for a functional garage!

New & Improved Shed Ramps from Raber

At Raber Storage Barns, we’ve recently upgraded our shed ramp design! Our new shed ramps now have a lower point of entry to make it even easier to push your lawnmower or wheelbarrow up the ramp. We’re now using 2×6’s instead of plywood, making the ramps less likely to curl over the decades. We also construct our new shed ramps with diamond plates on the bottom, increasing its strength and making it easier to detach & reattach, saving space. Contact us today with any questions about our new and improved ramps.