Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations

By SchwebAdmin

Decorating for the holiday season is an exciting time of year for many families; however, good organization is important for keeping this activity stress-free. Taking a little extra time at the end of each Christmas season to neatly pack up your holiday decorations will save you money, time, and frustration in the future. Check out our favorite organization tips for Christmas decor to keep your holiday decorating pain-free each year!

Use Proper Storage Bins & Containers

Avoid using cardboard boxes for shed storage as this material can attract pests. Opting for air-tight plastic containers will keep your decor clean and protected. Choose containers that can be stacked on top of each other to save space and keep your holiday storage organized.

If you are storing your holiday decor in a space with windows, opt for solid-color bins to keep your decorations bright and like-new. When stored in a place exposed to direct sunlight, your holiday decor can become faded and discolored. To keep track of what’s inside each bin, label your containers with a label maker or masking tape and a Sharpie.

Separate by Category

Cut down on time spent searching through containers for specific decorations by keeping similar decorations together in one place. For example, easily decorate your tree by keeping all ornaments, lights, and other tree accessories in the same spot. Keep indoor and outdoor decorations separate from each other to make next year’s decorating a breeze.

Similarly, if you have a lot of holiday decorations, you can further organize your decor by room. To do this, you should have multiple containers labeled for each room or area, such as your living room, Christmas tree, hallway, dining room, front porch, and so on. This will keep decorations nicely organized so you can grab exactly what you need in the following years without creating a scattered mess.

Buy or DIY Christmas Ornament Storage

There are plenty of storage options for keeping Christmas tree ornaments protected and organized after the holiday season has ended. You can find countless ornament storage containers online or you can create your own with large egg cartons or to-go drink carriers. To keep your ornaments and other fragile decor padded in storage, reuse bubble wrap and other packing materials. That being said, avoid using newspaper for padding as it can transfer ink and create smudges on your decor.

Use clean egg cartons packed inside air-tight, moisture-free containers to prevent attracting pests to your shed. Likewise, your Christmas ornaments should be clean as well. If your family has a real Christmas tree, make sure your decorations are sap-free before placing them in storage. You can remove sap from ornaments with a paper towel and some hand sanitizer.

Wrap & Label String Lights

Large strings of lights can be wrapped with light reels or light holders to keep them from tangling and breaking. However, if you want to create your own light storage, wrap each light set around a rectangular piece of cardboard with 1-inch slits cut into the sides. If you have multiple string light sets, make a note of each set’s use on the cardboard so you know where they go next year.

Once neatly wrapped, place your lights in a large Ziploc bag for safekeeping before placing them in a closed bin. Additionally, if you need extension cords or power strips for your string light sets, keep them with their matching sets. Whether you opt for wrapping your lights around cardboard or a wheel, you should always store wrapped lights in an enclosed container to prevent pests from chewing on their wires.

Take Precautions with Certain Materials

Holiday decor made with fabric, such as stockings, felt ornaments, tree skirts, and costumes, are best stored in climate-controlled spaces that won’t drastically change temperature throughout the year or be high in humidity. If your shed isn’t climate-controlled, any fabric decor should be kept in air-tight containers with silica packets to protect against moisture and mildew.

It’s best to store wrapping paper in your house or a climate-controlled area. Changes in temperature and humidity levels can lead to your wrapping paper becoming warped or damaged by moisture. Additionally, any form of paper can attract pests looking for materials to build their nests with or something to eat. On a similar note, it’s best to store holiday candles in your home to keep them from melting or becoming misshapen. When storing battery-operated candles, or other battery-operated decor, always remember to remove all batteries before putting them in storage.

Keep Artificial Trees Covered

Securely pack away artificial Christmas trees for next year in a Christmas tree storage bag or with shrink wrap. Leaving your artificial tree out in the open without proper cover will create more work for you next Christmas when you have to clean off accumulated dust and spiderwebs.

Similarly, artificial Christmas trees need to be kept in cool, dry places that don’t experience humidity or sudden temperature changes throughout the year. This is especially important for frosted or white artificial trees as they can become yellow and discolored if stored in a place that isn’t climate-controlled. To keep your artificial tree in the best shape, store it standing up instead of lying on its side.

Put Wreaths & Garlands on Top

Wreath cases and bags are ideal for storing garlands and wreaths, however, you can also use plastic garment bags to store these items as well. To avoid your wreaths and garlands from being squished and flattened, keep them at the top of your shelving or storage containers.

If you want to hang your wreaths up, add a clothing rack to your shed with clothes hangers. When hanging up wreaths, use a plastic garment bag or trash bag to keep them clean and protected. You can hang wreaths with clothes hangers or big S-hooks. To maximize your floor space, opt for hanging items on pegboards instead.

Clean Outdoor Inflatables Before Storing

Ensure all outdoor decorations are clean when placed in storage to keep them in the best conditions possible. You don’t want your outdoor decor to deteriorate in the off-season from bugs and dirt that weren’t removed when put away. When storing inflatable yard decorations, let them fully deflate on their own before putting them away. Once deflated, holiday inflatables can be stored in large, enclosed bins along with any additional parts and owner manuals.

Utilize Loft Space

Spacious and out of the way, shed lofts are perfect for storing holiday decorations. Because these decorations are only used once a year, you don’t want them to take up essential floor space in your backyard storage shed. By storing your Christmas decor in your shed’s loft, you can have more floor space for storing lawn care equipment and other items. If your shed doesn’t have a loft, you can install tall shelving or ceiling-mounted storage to keep your holiday decor organized and out of the way in the off-season.

Increase your backyard storage and simplify home decorating with a pre-built or custom shed. Our team excels at finding the perfect storage structure for our customers and would love to help you. Contact us today to get a free estimate and take the first step toward gaining extra storage space in your home.