White truck with oversize load signs delivering a white storage shed to a property.

Building vs. Buying a Storage Shed

By SchwebAdmin

You’ve decided it’s time to get a storage shed for your backyard, but should you buy or DIY it? While the DIY route can be tempting, it isn’t always the best choice or one that will save you money over time. Keep reading to determine if you should buy or build your new backyard shed.

Open Space & Free Time

Building a shed is no small task. If you lack experience or the correct tools, you can waste your time and money building a structure that doesn’t protect your stored items. When building a shed, you need enough free space to store your work-in-progress unless you plan to complete it all in 1 day. You’ll also need the shed’s blueprint and all the required building materials at hand for the process to go smoothly.

Similarly, consider how much free time you have to work on a storage shed, especially if you are building one by yourself. You’ll need to utilize days when the weather is nice if you are putting your shed together outside. In contrast, many shed builders have large, covered workshops for building sheds. As a result, your shed will be quickly built by professionals in all seasons and weather conditions.

Building Permits & HOAs

Interior of Raber's warehouse with 2 sheds being built.

No matter your choice, your shed must comply with township guidelines and may require a building permit. Shed builders and dealers have experience working with building permits and can help make sure the shed you buy abides by local regulations. When you choose to DIY a shed, there’s extra pressure to make sure your calculations and research are correct. You don’t want to go to the trouble of building a shed only to find out it doesn’t comply with local rules.

Additionally, when you buy a shed you don’t have to worry about finding or mixing the right paint colors to match your home. Shed builders frequently design sheds for homes in communities with homeowner’s associations (HOA). Some HOAs have restrictions on which colors can be used for sheds; however, shed builders have plenty of color options available that meet HOA requirements and match other outdoor buildings.

Quality Add-Ons

When you buy a shed, you can have add-ons installed by experts. For example, if you plan to use your shed for anything other than storage, such as a hobby shed, you’ll want insulation properly installed. Likewise, some items need to be stored in an insulated space, so the longevity of your storage can depend on your shed’s insulation. When you buy a shed, you can add vents, windows, and multiple doors to make your space fully accessible and designed to your liking without having to lift a finger!


Pre-built sheds generally cost more upfront than a simple DIY shed you can build yourself. That being said, DIY sheds don’t last as long and require lots of work. In the long run, you can put more money, time, and resources into a DIY shed than a pre-built or custom shed. This is especially true if your DIY shed isn’t durable enough to protect your items inside, resulting in damaged items that must be repaired or replaced.

Interior of a shed with organized tools, equipment, a loft, a workbench, and a pegboard.

At Raber, we know a shed can be a big investment, so we’ve put together a commitment-free rent-to-own program and additional financing options that cater to all types of budgets. While custom and pre-built storage buildings are an investment up front, they pay off in durability, warranties, and storage protection in the long run.

Do you want the ease, convenience, and durability of a pre-built or custom shed? Contact Raber today to see how we can make your dream shed a reality! To get a free estimate, simply fill out our online form or get creative with our free 3D shed designer.