Choosing the Right Portable Storage Unit (For You)

By SchwebAdmin

A portable storage building is a big investment, so it’s important to be sure that you’re buying a structure that will best suit your needs. Keep reading for some helpful tips on choosing the right portable storage unit for you.

Determine the Purpose

In narrowing down what type of portable storage building you need, first determine its purpose. 
Ask yourself, “Why do I need storage space, and how will it be used?” Raber’s storage buildings are versatile and completely customizable, but let’s narrow down your options by figuring out what type and size unit you need.

Do you need to…

  1. Build a new garage?
  2. Reclaim your existing garage?
  3. Organize lawn and garden equipment?
  4. Store large equipment out of the weather?
  5. Clear up the clutter in your home?
  6. Create a workshop?
  7. Provide guest space for visitors?
  8. House horses and tack?
  9. Get away from the hub-bub of daily life?

Figure Out the Size

After determining the purpose for your storage building, consider how much interior space you need and consequently, how much land is available on your property to allocate to a new storage structure.

Tape off a space on your driveway representing the area you think is needed to store the items inside the new shed. Then, place all the items that will sit on the floor inside that space. Do you have room to walk down the center aisle and reach the back wall? 

Next, lay out the items that you will hang on the walls, and measure the space they require. Layout the items that will be placed on a shelf. This will give you an idea for the length (depth) of the space you need in a portable shed.

After moving items around and adjusting for your own movements within the space, measure the exterior tape lines and add a foot in each direction. With these measurements, walk around your property and figure out where this structure will fit into the landscape of your yard. Consider the practicality of distance from the house and accessibility from the road when delivered. Now, you should have an idea of the size building you both need for storage and will fit on your property.

Types of Units

Now that you’ve figured out the purpose and general size of your storage unit, it’s time to determine the specific style of building you need.


Maybe you’ve been living with a carport or no vehicle storage space at all. Either way, you’ll need a garage. Raber Portable Storage makes one- and two-car garages built to last for decades. All doors come with a diamond-plate threshold, but you can upgrade to a heavy-duty ramp if needed. A treated tongue-and-groove 3/4″ Performance Max Shed flooring is standard, along with an Amish-built overhead garage door, entry door, and window.

Garden Shed

Raber builds both a Lofted Garden Barn and a Pitched Garden Shed to store lawn, garden, and pool equipment. Choose between the lofted or shed-style roof and you are on your way to reclaiming garage space and storing outdoor tools in a clean, dry space. The best thing about these garden sheds is they are fully customizable in size and exterior appearance to blend with your home and landscaping design.

Lofted Gambrel Barn

Designed to look great in your yard and match your house, these structures are larger than a typical garden shed. They easily fit lawnmowers, garden tillers, wheelbarrows, and 4-wheelers using the side door access. Double interior lofts create additional off-the-floor storage, allowing you to reclaim your existing garage and store lawn equipment closer to the work area.

Built sturdy like all Raber barns, you can add workshop accessories like a 6-foot workbench and pegboard. The Lofted Gambrel Barn comes standard with two windows. It’s priced to compete with the monthly rental fee of a commercial storage unit. 

Horse Barn

Raber builds quality barns to house horses and tack safely away from the elements. Whether you need a run-in shed or several stalls, all Raber horse barns come standard with a 4-foot interior kickboard, swing feeder, and sliding steel bar doors. Many upgrades are available including a center tack room and swinging Dutch doors. 

Using our 3D Configurator, design the horse barn length and stall numbers to fit your equine care requirements. As your farm operation grows, Raber horse barns are portable, so you may move the structure to adjust to future needs. 


Raber customers have found so many uses for this structure—hunting cabin, TV game room, lake or pool house, and she-shed to name a few. All cabins come with the option of adding electric, insulation, and indoor paneling to achieve a finished space. Meant to be a relaxing escape from everyday life, Raber cabins are a mancave, weekend getaway, vacation home, or guest house. Add a porch railing for a welcoming entrance.

Utility Shed

Select the Raber utility shed to reclaim your existing garage and store lawn and garden equipment out in the yard where it’s used every week. The difference between the garden and utility sheds is that this category of portable buildings is very low-maintenance and requires minimal upkeep with a 50-year warranty SmartSide exterior. Standard features include floor joists engineered to hold 200 pounds per square foot and treated tongue-and-groove flooring. 

Also standard with this building is a 29-gauge metal roof with condensation barrier, double 6-foot wide swinging doors, and gable vents. Add-ons for the utility shed include treated ramps, interior shelving, windows, and mobile home anchors for high wind regions.


At this point, you’ve decided what you’ll use your storage space for and how large it needs to be. Now, it’s time to pull the entire project together by selecting the doors, windows, paint color, and architectural details.

All Raber storage buildings come with the choice of a metal or architectural shingled roof. You may choose a standard overhang or extend the roof to a 10″ overhang protection. Siding types are metal, painted LP SmartSide, and vinyl. 

No matter which Raber storage building you end up choosing, you can rest assured that it will be sturdily built and satisfy your storage needs.

If you need any more information about choosing a storage building, feel free to contact us!