The ‘Yamahall’ for Yamahas | Customer Spotlight

By SchwebAdmin

Today’s spotlight features a traditional garage that for its owner, Jim serves the role of a garage and home office. Jim needed a space that would accommodate his motorcycles and give him a place to work as well. He’s enthusiastic about the possibilities that his “Yamahall” will offer him with warmer weather just around the corner.

Jim shared that our 3D modeler on our website helped him examine his options. He selected the traditional garage structure as the style fit his needs best and that of his community also. He picked the 16×30 structure and added heavy flooring and spray insulation to keep his Yamaha motorcycles well-housed for the cooler weather months. And as spring approaches, he plans to finish off his building’s interior and utilize it to its fullest capacity for the hobby he loves and as a workspace.

We asked Jim what led him to choose to work with Raber and he cited product quality and price being the determinant factors for him. Jim went on to say that he would be highly likely to recommend us to others based upon the great team and products. We appreciate that very much, Jim. At Raber, our team takes immense pride in treating our customers with the utmost respect and providing a product that we stand behind.

Raber Storage Barn customers often turn their projects into a variety of inspired and creative spaces for themselves and their families or pets. And because of that creativity, we like to showcase some of those projects with our Customer Spotlight blog series. We hope the series will inspire you with different and nontraditional ideas for how to make the products available in our catalog work for you.

If you’re interested in designing and ordering a customized garage or other storage structure of your own – contact us today!