Extra Storage With Limited Space | Customer Spotlight

By SchwebAdmin

Recently, we had a customer who was on the hunt for extra storage after his garage became too full. When the structures at our West Lafayette location in Indiana caught his eye, Steve began looking into Raber Storage. Pleased with the location’s good reviews on Google and positive neighborhood word-of-mouth, Steve began visualizing potential storage structures with our 3D modeling tool and soon created a final model of a structure with windows, vents, and runners.

Our customer needed a shed that could fit under his second-story deck in a space that was about 10 feet high and 14 feet wide. Additionally, with a slanted backyard, there wasn’t a lot of extra room available. Faced with the challenge of limited space for a storage shed, Steve found our economy shed to be exactly what he needed. Our delivery crew got to work carefully navigating the backyard’s landscape, making sure the shed was placed exactly where our customer wanted it to go, and installing the new shed.

Overall, we are happy to hear that Steve refers to his experience with Raber Storage as “outstanding” and able to meet his storage needs. Steve says he highly recommends Raber Storage as the quality and appearance were “top-notch”.

We love seeing our customers happy with their purchases and have created a Customer Spotlight blog series to showcase these projects. With so many options and structure purposes to choose from, we hope you find inspiration to think outside the box on where you can add extra storage even if space is limited.

Need extra storage but can’t find the space to add a storage structure? Contact us to discuss how Raber can find a solution for you and get a free estimate!