Getaway for the Winter In Your Own Backyard: Creating the Right Atmosphere in Your Portable Cabin

By SchwebAdmin

The days of traveling hundreds of miles for a cozy winter cabin are over! With the increased popularity of man caves, she sheds, and portable cabins, you can bring the winter getaway to your own backyard. Designing your own winter cabin has never been easier, and we are here to help! 

Choosing Your Winter Cabin Exterior

The first step in your cabin designing journey is choosing your exterior. At Raber Portable Storage Barns we make this process incredibly easy, allowing you to customize your look, features, and design. You can go through this process with one of our trained salesmen, or put together your dream cabin with our 3-D building designer.  We also have pages dedicated to she sheds, man caves, and portable hunting cabins, each featuring examples of past projects with estimated prices.  

Equipping Your Shed With Winterproof Materials

We have all made that journey out to the shed to retrieve our shovel or snow blower after the year’s first snow; it’s cold in there! That’s because typical storage sheds aren’t built to be lived in, and aren’t equipped with the proper insulating materials. 

Insulating Your Portable Cabin

All Raber Portable Cabins come equipped with 4 insulated 2’x3’ windows, which is a great start. We do offer custom builds that include insulation, but for the DIY folks out there the next step would be insulating your cabin floors. This process includes installing the proper sub-flooring so that your finished floor will be protected from moisture and the cold. 

You will also need to insulate the walls of your cabin to keep it cozy. All Raber cabins come with 2×4 studded wall 16″ on centers using premium-grade framing lumber. This makes insulating the walls a breeze if you plan on doing this yourself. 

Installing Your Heating Source

The next step in transforming your cabin into a cozy winter getaway is deciding how you are going to heat it; during the winter you can’t be cozy without being warm! There are lots of efficient ways to heat your shed, many of which fit into various budgets but depend on your resources. Do some research on the heating sources you have accessible and what would be most cost efficient to you. 

There isn’t much cozier than a wood burning stove, which can be a great heating option to transform your shed into a cozy winter cabin. The woodstove is very versatile and offers you multiple sizes, styles, and looks. It is also very cost efficient compared to electric heat, and can be easier than running gas lines from your home. And of course, nothing beats curling up in front of the warm glow of a wood stove!

Furnishing Your Cabin

The final step in transforming your portable building into a winter cabin is furnishing it and making it your own. Ultimately how you approach this depends on your style and what makes you feel cozy. That’s what is great about having a winter getaway in your own backyard, you can decide the decor and what makes you feel at home. If you are unsure what direction you would like to go we have provided some starting points to help.

Warm and Inviting Colors

Warm color palettes and lots of wooden textures are traditional for cabin decor and are perfect for a cozy cabin getaway. These warm, fall-inspired color palettes provide a getaway from the cold and grey colors of winter.

Rustic Furniture

Rustic Furniture is another cabin staple that brings the natural beauty of the outdoors to your room. Rustic furniture goes great with any color palette and can make your portable cabin feel like a cozy country bed and breakfast. Rustic furniture feels right at home with the warm color palettes we’ve already discussed, but is very versatile and pairs well with multiple palettes. 

Having your own personal winter getaway has never been easier. Our lines of hunting cabins, man caves, and she sheds provide you the perfect template to create your winter oasis. Contact us today to discuss your dreams and to get a free estimate!