How Backyard Greenhouses Expand Your Gardening Possibilities

By SchwebAdmin

Backyard greenhouses have become incredibly popular as homeowners are taking to hobby gardening to bring fresh vegetables and herbs to their table. Here in Indiana our seasonal changes prevent gardeners from exercising their green thumb throughout the year and they are left dreaming of warmer weather. Our line of backyard greenhouses give gardeners the opportunity to garden year round, and grow new and unique plants. Let’s discuss how a backyard greenhouse can enhance your gardening experience. 

Year-Round Gardening

We love living in Indiana, but our harsh winters and cool fall and spring make year-round gardening impossible. Many of our local gardeners don’t want to hang up their gloves during the winter, and rely on their gardens for fresh organic vegetables. Our line of backyard greenhouses come standard with an exhaust fan and thermostat, allowing your plants to stay healthy even during the harsh winter months. 

Growing Tropical Plants

As your gardening skills grow, you may want to try your hand at growing tropical plants not native to your area. These flowers and plants require a very specific climate to grow, and would not survive if you attempted to grow them in your garden outside. A backyard greenhouse gives you complete control of the climate your tropical plants grow in, and allows you to simulate tropical climates so your exciting new plants can thrive. If you’re curious about what it takes to grow tropical plants check out this guide to learn more. 

Avoid Unseasonal Weather

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your plants fall victim to an unseasonal frost or cold snap. In the seasonal transition months you have to constantly be monitoring the weather and covering plants with bags or baskets the day before cold weather is expected. When you are growing your plants in a backyard greenhouse you have control of the temperature, and no longer have to scramble around to protect your garden from unseasonal weather changes. 

Gardening in a Raber Backyard Greenhouse allows you to tend to your plants with all of your tools at your fingertips. Our Deluxe Greenhouse is a greenhouse and storage shed hybrid, which provides plenty of storage space and easy access to your plants. The storage shed portion can be outfitted with shelves, peg boards, and benches to organize your tools. 

Are you looking for a custom greenhouse with unique storage options or greenhouse specifications? We can create a greenhouse specifically for you and your unique gardening needs, contact us today to get started! 

Protect Your Plants from Harmful Animals and Chemicals

All gardeners have had problems with insects and other predators destroying their garden and eating their plants. Many turn to chemicals and pesticides to protect their plants, which can be harmful to pets and the environment. Growing your plants and vegetables in a greenhouse allows you to grow your plant naturally, while providing protection from insects, rabbits, and other destructive garden pests. If you feel like you still need protection, check out these natural pesticide alternatives. 

Are you ready to expand your garden into your own backyard greenhouse? Contact us today for a complimentary quote!