How to Design Your New Shed

By SchwebAdmin

New sheds and the process of buying them can feel intimidating for customers who haven’t gone through the experience before. That’s why we created a step-by-step guide.

Take a few minutes to consider each of the questions we’ve come up with for you. By the time you’re through you will have a better idea what you want.

Why do you need a new shed?


Most of our past customers don’t just wake up one day and think, “I need a new storage shed today!”

Usually, they notice they seem to be collecting too much stuff. It has become harder to park in the garage. They are afraid to open the closet door because clutter falls out and topples on the floor. When you’re overwhelmed by clutter and decide to get a storage shed it will feel like you have added another room to your house.

Lawn and Garden Equipment

If you are a property owner, you know first-hand how much lawn and garden equipment you need to keep your yard and garden looking beautiful. Riding mowers, push mowers, weed eaters, tillers, shovels, and rakes take up a lot of space. Instead of trying to squeeze your lawn and garden equipment into your garage, adding a storage shed to your backyard will make gardening a pleasure because you will easily be able to find your tools.


You’re motivated to work on your crafts and hobbies but it’s a pain to drag out your supplies, use them, and then repack them. The DIY carpenter or seamstress who enjoys their hobby gets their money’s worth out of a storage structure when they use it as a workshop because it allows you to leave your supplies out, so you can come and go as you please. By having a separately designated area for your workshop or hobby room, you’ll enjoy working on your crafts more.

How much space will you need in your new shed?

After you know what you’ll be using your new storage shed for, make sure you have a good idea of what you’ll be putting into it. Imagine how much you will be storing so you can make sure you will enough space. The eye can play tricks on us. What you imagine will fit into your new storage shed may not fit. To combat this, create a list of everything you’ll want to put into your new shed and compare that to our storage guide or bring your list in with you when you come to our display lot and we can advise you on which space will meet your needs.

We hear, “I should have listened to you and gone with something bigger,” all the time. There always seems to be more stuff you want to put into your new storage shed than what you originally thought. It makes sense. By the second or third weekend, when you really start appreciating you can park both cars in the garage again, and you get used to having a neat and orderly home because you have everything organized in your storage shed, you probably will think of other things you want to store in it.

Style Choices

Do I Want Metal, Vinyl or Smart Siding?

We will try to give you the differences in the three.


  1. Better quality than ever before! The baked on the formula now has a 40-year warranty against rust.
  2. Won’t need to be painted every 10 years.
  3. Isn’t as airtight, unless you choose the insulation package.
  4. Not as easily damaged as vinyl upon impact.
  5. Won’t be as easy to match your house.


  1. No painting.
  2. Will be able to color match most houses.
  3. Limited lifetime warranty.
  4. Will be less impact resistant than metal or Smart Siding.
  5. No flaking or rusting.
  6. Extremely air-tight construction.

Smart Siding

  1. Very durable high impact rating has been hit with a 70 mile per hour baseball without damage.
  2. 50-year product warranty.
  3. We have 10-year paint warranty by Haley Paint.
  4. Still can have a rustic wood look with our wilderness urethane colors. Ask your salesperson for details.