How to Organize Tools in Your Tool Shed

By SchwebAdmin

One of the most popular uses of our Amish-built storage sheds is as a tool shed to work on projects outside of the house. Working in a tool shed keeps your house or garage decluttered of tools and free from sawdust. That being said, you won’t want the clutter in your house or garage to become clutter in your toolshed. Follow these tips to organize the tools in your tool shed so that you can always find that one screwdriver you need.

Add a Workbench and Pegboard

The first step in organizing your tool shed is to build a workbench and pegboard above it. Even if you don’t add any other organization items to your shed, a workbench and pegboard are the items that turn your storage shed into a tool shed. The workbench is where you can cut your 2x4s for your next project and store your larger tools, like a circular saw, on its shelves. The pegboard allows you to attach hangers of various shapes and sizes above your workbench so all of your smaller tools, like hammers and screwdrivers, are visible and easily accessible.

Screw Organizer

On top of your workbench, it’s a good idea to have organization for the various screws, nails, nuts, and bolts that every handyman has laying around. There are plenty of organizers that will work well for this, but we find that something with small drawers works best.

Larger Wall Hooks

For longer tools that you can’t fit on the pegboard, like shovels and rakes, we recommend larger wall hooks that screw directly into your studs. These sturdier hooks can handle the weight of your larger, heavier tools and keep everything organized inside your tool shed.

Metal or Wooden Shelving

For some extra storage capacity, you should consider adding more shelves. You should avoid plastic shelves because they can warp under too much weight. Metal or wooden shelves will perform the best. This is a popular addition for anyone looking to use their shed as a tool shed and as storage space. You can store seasonal decorations or other belongings on these shelves inside of hard plastic totes. This way you’ll keep your seasonal decorations organized apart from your tools.

Loft Storage

An often overlooked area for storing some things in your tool shed is right above you! Many of our storage shed designs include plenty of space in the loft where you can store some items, especially our lofted gambrel barns. You can store your spare wood up in your loft or even some seasonal decorations, like Christmas ornaments.