How to Create the Best Sports Man Cave

By SchwebAdmin

A space solely dedicated to sports viewing is a dream for any die-hard sports fan. It’s a lot easier than it may seem to set up a media room where you can host sports watch parties. An easy way to do this is by transforming a quality shed into a sports man cave. Check out our man cave recommendations below to help you design the ultimate game day experience.

TV Set Up

While many sports fans opt for a large TV to see the details of every play, some fans like having multiple small TVs to watch different angles and other games at the same time. The TV setup you decide to go with will greatly depend on your viewing habits and what’s most important to you. If you’re used to checking your phone for news on other games or switching channels during ad breaks, you may find setting up multiple screens is ideal. However, if you frequently host game night watch parties, it’s best to have a large-screen TV so everyone can see.

Sound System

As a result of ongoing advances in modern technology, many TVs today have great built-in sound systems. However, your TV’s sound may not provide the quality and volume levels you want. Installing a separate sound system in your man cave is a great way to improve audio quality and help the whole room hear each call. Some people love adding surround sound to their sports man caves, while others prefer soundbars. Depending on your budget and personal preferences, there are many options on the market that will enhance your sports viewing parties.

Lots of Seating

It’s no surprise that large couches and stadium seats are popular picks for media rooms. If your sports man cave is your friends’ main gathering space for watching each big game, you’ll want to choose forms of seating that can fit multiple people without blocking anyone’s view of the TV. In addition to a main couch, you can add recliners, foldable canvas chairs, bean bags, and bar stools for extra seating.

Tables & Surfaces

Holding snacks and drinks for an entire game can quickly become annoying. Along with having plenty of comfortable seating, make sure your man cave is equipped with multiple surfaces for food and drinks. Narrow console tables are excellent for creating more surface space when faced with limited room. You can place a narrow console table behind your couch and against a wall, or add bar stools to create extra seating.

Similarly, seats with built-in cupholders are fantastic for preventing spills and keeping drinks close by, while foldable TV trays and C-shaped side tables won’t take up tons of space. Most importantly, by choosing snack tables that fit in view of the TV, people can grab a bite to eat without missing any of the game.

Drink Fridge

If enjoying a cold drink is part of your game routine, add a drink fridge to your man cave. Having a stocked fridge means you won’t be stuck with frequent drink runs or room-temperature drinks. You can keep ice available for drinks by storing ice molds and trays in your fridge’s freezer. However, if you prefer a fridge without a freezer, an ice maker works just as well. Don’t forget to add a bottle opener and trash can to your man cave for further convenience!

Entertainment for Half-Time & Breaks

For additional game-day entertainment, install a pool table, darts, foosball table, or arcade machines. You can also keep sports equipment in your man cave for outdoor activities like spikeball, flag football, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. These games are great entertainment for passing the time during half-time and breaks. They also add extra activities to your sports man cave during your favorite team’s off-season.

AC & Heat

Controlling the temperature of your man cave goes a long way in creating a comfortable space, especially when hosting a large group of friends. Ideal for single rooms or small open floor plans, portable air conditioners with installed heaters are perfect for maintaining your man cave’s desired temperature.

If you choose to add air conditioning and heat to your man cave, make sure the structure has insulation. Insulation is vital in keeping your man cave warm in the winter and cool in the summer while saving you money. By choosing a man cave with insulation, your sports media room will stay at the desired temperature without using excessive electricity.

Unique Decor & Memorabilia

Your sports man cave wouldn’t be complete without sports memorabilia and decor. Spruce up your space with framed jerseys, team logos, sports equipment, signed memorabilia, team colors, neon signs, and iconic photographs of your favorite players or team. Facebook Marketplace and eBay are excellent resources for finding deals on sports memorabilia and team gear. You can further rep your teams with functional, decorative items like customized drinkware, rugs, drink koozies, throw blankets, and pillows.

Want to create your own custom sports man cave? Check out Raber’s free online 3D Shed Builder to start designing the ultimate hangout spot. Or, speak with an expert to learn more about the easy process of adding a man cave to your backyard.