How to Turn Your Shed Into a Man Cave

By SchwebAdmin

Whether you have an existing shed in the backyard or are on the hunt for a new one, the primary goal is to make the space your own. Converting your shed into a man cave is as simple as finding your ideal style, and working back from there.

Secure the Cave

First things first, you need a clean slate. If you have an existing structure you are planning to convert, take inventory and determine where the stored items can be redistributed, donated or thrown out. Do you need lighting, electricity, heating or cooling? Are you painting, adding flooring materials? Do you need to replace boards, fill cracks, add a window? Is it high enough to prevent a flooding disaster? 

You’re creating your ultimate dream space after all, so take time on the details to get it just right. Preparation and planning are essential for long-term enjoyment, so create a detailed plan before you get to work. 

If you’re investing in a brand new structure, have some fun creating the design! Try your hand at being the architect of your own space with a 3D builder. Too busy shopping man cave accessories to spend the time customizing the shed? Invest in a turnkey unit complete with insulation, electric, and indoor paneling.  

Hobbies Rediscovered

There’s no law that your man cave needs to have a flashing neon beer sign or 70-inch flatscreen. The dedicated space you carve out for yourself can reignite hobbies of old. Were you fascinated by rocketry or model airplanes as a boy? Buy some kits and get building. Better yet, build with your kids. Build or buy shelves to organize parts, tack instructional posters to the walls and hang photos of your family.

How about a fly-tying station? Putting down your various materials and then finding them exactly where you put them, safe from the clutter-removal processes of other family members. And mounting those multiple fishing rods on ceiling racks, ready to go when the hatch blooms.

Whether your man cave is an ode to your favorite football team or houses your collection of fine cigars, this is the space that is your unique getaway, so go all out reflecting you. You want to put antlers on the wall? You put antlers on the wall!

Is a Man Cave a Shared Cave?

We all like a little solitude now and then, but can agree that often the best experiences are shared.

The age-old tradition of heading to Hunting Camp can be made even more memorable with a shed dressed out to meet your needs, and strategically situated near fields. The right cabin can easily be turned into a comfortable short-term living space. 

Add a loft for sleeping space, a front porch to end the day. Make sure your shed is waterproof, mold-proof and wind-chill proof. Insulation, dry-wall, and utilities are all critical factors of the repurposed shed-turned-hunting-camp.

You want the flat screen and the mini-fridge. And, yes, the blinking neon beer light too. Explore design ideas that fit your reflect your personality, or just surround yourself with things that matter to you, mismatched or not. 

Fellow man cave enthusiasts may clamor for an invitation, so make sure you have seating and amenities designed for entertaining. Poker, anyone? And you can even carry the flow outside by incorporating a covered grilling area into the design.

Lock It Up

Make sure you don’t forget the final step: lock it up! Shed security is imperative. Lock the doors and windows just like your home. Put up shades and use motion lighting on the perimeter. 

Ultimately, your goal is to create a space that brings you increased relaxation instead of causing you the kind of stress you’re trying to escape. With careful planning and working with reliable products and vendors, you’ll be on your way to the perfect man-cave retreat.