Storage Buildings on a Budget

By SchwebAdmin

Storage buildings come in countless sizes and styles with a wide variety of materials to choose from. The size of a building, as well as the materials used, impact a storage building’s price. Paying for the most expensive storage building or paying in full might not be your best option if you don’t have the funds immediately or can’t fit it into your budget.

Luckily for you, there are several ways to make investing in a storage building less of a burden on your wallet.

Consider a Smaller Square Footage

If you are looking at a specific size storage building but are having trouble justifying the price, it might not be a bad idea to reevaluate what size you actually need to store all of your stuff. Opting to size down might make it a bit more challenging to comfortably fit everything but your wallet will thank you.

If you decide to purchase a smaller building, you’ll have to consider alternate ways to store what you would’ve originally been putting in a larger space. Organization will be key. You’ll be able to better utilize the smaller space if you don’t toss tools and equipment without any thought. Investing in storage shelves and storing certain items on your storage building’s walls will take up much less space than stacking piles aimlessly.


If you know that the size you’ve been eyeing up is perfect for you but the price is not ideal for your budget, there is another option.

Rather than paying the entire cost of a storage building upfront, you can opt to pay in monthly installments and then own it outright after a fixed period. Renting-to-own is the ideal option for those who want flexibility and the ability to budget the cost of the building.

There is also little obligation when it comes to renting-to-own. If you determine that you no longer need a storage building or can no longer afford to make the monthly payments, you can return it at any time before it is completely paid off. However, once it’s paid in full, you own it outright.

Raber Portable Storage offers a rent-to-own program with no credit checks. All you have to provide are first and last payments, your social security number, your driver’s license, and a landlord release if you are renting the property.

The Economy Storage Shed

Different materials have varying price points. Depending on how much you are able to spend, Raber’s Economy Storage Shed might be the perfect option for you. They are available in a variety of sizes to meet anybody’s storage needs. There are two styles that Raber has crafted: the Economy Units and their Bargain Barns.

The materials used keep the cost down but do not skimp on quality. You can trust that although you aren’t spending a fortune on your storage shed, you are still investing in a quality product at an attractive price point.

If you are ready to take a look at some budget-friendly storage buildings, Raber Portable Storage is ready to meet your needs.