What are the Limits of a Raber Storage Shed?

By SchwebAdmin

At Raber Storage Barns, we have a reputation for building quality, durable, and long-lasting storage buildings. With that reputation, we often get customers with very specific needs asking questions about the tolerances of our buildings and what they can safely hold. Today we are going to cover some of our most frequently asked questions about what our sheds can do and how they hold up against the elements.

How Much Weight Can a Shed Hold?

Our customers looking for serious storage often ask, “How much weight can a shed hold?” Our storage sheds can hold up to a ½ ton truck, which is much more than the average shed user needs to store their lawn/garden equipment and recreational vehicles. For reference, a ½ ton pickup truck weighs about 6,000 lbs, while the average riding lawn mower weighs about 500 lbs. In other words, you would have to work very hard to reach our shed’s weight limits!

How Well Does the Wooden Shed Floor Hold Up Against the Elements?

Our wooden shed floors are made from only the finest materials and stand up strong to the weather and elements. Each shed is built up on treated 4×6 skids or blocks to prevent water from entering the shed, and any moisture that does enter the structure in extreme circumstances can be easily swept out without causing damage.

What Roofing Option is the Most Durable?

Our Storage Shed roofs come in two options, metal or shingle. The metal roof is our standard option and comes with a 40-year warranty. Our customers love the durability of metal roofing, and the custom colors that are available to match the structure of their homes.

Each storage shed roof can also be upgraded to an Owens Corning shingle roof. Owens Corning shingles come in multiple colors and are one of the best warranties in the industry. Regardless of your options, you can expect your Raber Storage shed roof to stand up to the elements and look beautiful for years to come.

What is the Maximum Size of a Garage Door?

Our customers love that we offer garage sheds, which combine the accessibility of our garage options with the compact size of our storage sheds. Customers going with this option are often curious about how big that door can be so they can decide if the garage shed is the choice for them. In many cases, it depends on the size of the storage shed. However, due to height restrictions in many counties, the largest garage door we can provide is 7 feet tall, which is usually more than enough for car, truck, and recreational vehicle storage. If you are looking for RV storage, check out our line of carports.

Do Raber Sheds Come With a Warranty?

Yes! Each new storage shed we sell comes with a limited 5-year warranty that covers defects in material or workmanship. Raber will replace any part of the covered shed, or the entire shed if we deem the product defective because of improper workmanship or inferior material. Many of the materials we use also come with great extended warranties, be sure to speak with your sales representative to see how you can be covered there as well.

Do you have more questions about the durability and tolerances of Raber Storage sheds? Contact us today, our team of experts would love to speak with you.