Brulee the Rescue Miniature Horse | Customer Spotlight

By SchwebAdmin

When a blind miniature horse found his way to our customer’s home after wandering the mountains in Tennessee for years, she knew she had to save him. This resilient miniature horse was given the name Brulee for his sweetness and coloring. Around a week after Brulee was found and rescued, our customer decided to adopt him and give him a home of his own.

To help him navigate his surroundings, Brulee’s barn and pasture have been outfitted with bells, wind chimes, and different ground materials that guide the mini horse to his food and stall. At over 20 years old, Brulee gets to spend his retirement years in the comfort of the Raber Deluxe Horse Barn that he now calls home.

With sizing that ranges from 10×20 to 12×40, our customer was able to select the perfect barn size for her animals and property.  The 1’ overhang on this horse barn gives Brulee additional shade and protection from weather conditions, and the dutch doors let in more sunlight and fresh air. This spacious 3-stall barn with a hardwood kickboard interior provides Brulee with the space he needs to safely move around and rest.


4 photo collage of Brulee the miniature horse with his new Raber barn


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2 photo collage of Brulee the miniature horse with his new Raber barn