How to Create a Peaceful Cabin Getaway

By SchwebAdmin

Owning your own cabin, whether a hunting cabin, fishing cabin, or family vacation home in the mountains, gives you a low-stress, relaxing place to enjoy nature and the outdoors. However, creating the perfect cabin for yourself and others doesn’t have to be hard. Keep reading to see how you can create your own peaceful cabin retreat.

Incorporate Local Themes & Art

Select themes from the state, county, town, or general location of your cabin getaway. You can find beautiful, unique decor and furniture for your cabin by buying from local vendors and makers. Items like quilts, live edge furniture, local photography, and more can bring your cabin alive, paying homage to your cabin’s location. Keep your shopping local and support small businesses by purchasing items at maker’s markets, antique shops, flea markets, and on Facebook Marketplace.

Showcase Memories

To add even more of a personal touch, turn photos and souvenirs of past cabin vacations into decorations. Showcasing your own pictures, such as friends and family around a bonfire or whitewater rafting, will make your space more homey and nostalgic. Likewise, mementos gathered from hikes or local outings make simple yet sentimental decor. You can display these items in shadowboxes, decorative vases, or photo frames on a gallery wall.

Make Your Decor Functional

Save space and add extra charm to your cabin by decorating with outdoor equipment such as oars, skis, lanterns, snow shoes, local trail maps, walking sticks, binoculars, and other items. Hanging outdoor equipment on your walls makes unique decor that’s functional and organized. You can further expand the space you have with ottomans and trunks that serve as footstools and coffee tables. By using furniture that opens up for storage, you can conveniently keep blankets, board games, puzzles, books, and pillows nearby without taking up extra space. While ottomans are great at keeping small spaces organized and clutter-free, they can also double as additional seating when needed.

Try Different Textiles & Textures

Decorating your space with different textiles and textures can create a cozy, warm atmosphere in your cabin that is both comfortable and stylish. When choosing textiles for your cabin, don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Mixing simple patterns, like plaid flannel and cable knit fabric, can give your cabin interior some extra color while adding to the homeliness and tranquility of the space.

Some popular cabin textiles, real or synthetic, include the following:

  • Fur Pelts
  • Hides
  • Leather
  • Wool
  • Fleece
  • Cotton
  • Cashmere
  • Suede

These natural, welcoming textiles can be used for all types of interior styles, from rustic and industrial to minimalistic and modern.

Choose Nature-Inspired Colors

Decorating the interior of your cabin with natural, earthy colors can physically calm you and improve your mood. These nature-inspired colors include shades of greens, blues, browns, off-whites, grays, and tans. From curtains and bedding to wall paint and art, your cabin has many places where additional color can be added. By taking inspiration from nature and the outdoors, your cabin’s interior will be more peaceful and serene.

Use Warm Lighting

Warm lighting is essential for maintaining a calm, cozy atmosphere in your cabin. This can be done by adding multiple lamps or wall sconces throughout the space. Dimmable lights are ideal for relaxing evenings spent indoors or when more light is needed for board games, puzzles, or reading. Additionally, placing flameless candles on fireplaces, shelves, and tables safely elevates your cabin’s interior to another level of comfort.

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