How to Keep Your Metal Shed Cool in the Summer

By SchwebAdmin

While many people focus on keeping their homes cool in the summer, their storage sheds don’t often cross their minds. However, maintaining a cool temperature in your shed has an impact on the quality and usability of stored items.

Metal sheds are great at reflecting heat but, like other sheds, can grow hot in the summer if not prepped for higher temperatures. Below we’ll discuss the best ways to maintain cool temperatures in your shed and prevent the heat from taking over.

Install Insulation & Electricity

The most straightforward answers to keeping your metal shed cool are electricity and insulation. Insulation is vital to keeping the interior of your shed cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is especially important when your shed has electricity.

If you have a portable air conditioner or fan set up to keep the inside of your shed cool, insulation helps maintain the interior temperature and closes off hot or cold air that’s outside. By insulating your shed, you’ll save money and won’t have to use excess energy to keep the interior temperature where you like it.

Set Up Proper Ventilation

While you may not spend as much time in your storage shed as you would a home office, she-shed, or man cave, your storage shed still needs proper ventilation. Without good air circulation in your shed, your stored items can be damaged by rust, mold, mildew, and warping.

Installing vents in your shed will keep the structure cooler and increase air quality. Gable and ridge vents increase air circulation in sheds so their interiors are properly ventilated. You should also place windows and doors opposite each other. Doing this creates better airflow and circulation, which in turn keeps your shed cool and dry.

Consider Shed Location

Be aware of the placement of your shed and which way the sun will hit it. You’ll want to keep the majority of your windows facing away from the west and south to avoid the morning and afternoon sun. If your yard has an area that’s already shaded, you may want to consider relocating your shed to keep it out of the sun.

Add Products that Reflect Light & Create Shade

There are many products on the market that cool your shed by using shade and reflection. If you need cooling solutions for already-standing sheds that don’t require renovations, these products are perfect quick fixes.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are a cheap and easy way to keep the inside of your shed cool in the summertime. You can find these types of curtains almost anywhere in a range of different budgets and styles. These curtains block bright sunlight from shining in your windows and warming up your shed’s interior. As a bonus, adding blackout curtains makes the inside of your shed cozier and gives you an opportunity to add more color and personality to your space.

Reflective Film

Reflective film is another great way to keep sunlight from warming up your shed, especially if you are unable to relocate it. All you have to do is add reflective film to your windows. This film reflects sunlight that would otherwise make your shed hot. If you have windows facing the west and south, adding reflective film will keep away the intense heat that comes with the morning and afternoon sun.

Awnings, Canopies, & Overhangs

Awnings, canopies, and overhangs can be installed to provide extra shade. Like reflective film, these solutions work great for preventing your space from overheating in the morning and afternoon. In addition to shielding you from the sun and keeping your shed interior cool, these items can also provide shelter when it rains.

Create Extra Shade with Vegetation

While it involves more work compared to the products above, planting tall vegetation around the west and south sides of your shed can give you extra shade when the sun shines hottest. Some examples of vegetation that help create shade include trees, tall bushes, and vines.

That being said, don’t place vegetation directly next to, on, or against your shed. If vegetation is touching or too close to your shed, it can trap moisture and cause damage to your shed’s exterior.

Choose Light Colors

If you’re designing your own metal shed, remember that light colors reflect the sun while dark colors absorb and hold heat. Light colors will keep the inside of your shed cooler even with the sun shining bright outside. When choosing light colors for the exterior of your shed, don’t forget to make the roof light as well!

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