Which Type of Horse Barn Is Right for You?

By SchwebAdmin

A horse barn is a sizable investment, and there’s a lot to take into consideration during the buying process. After all, you want to be sure you’re making the right choice so your horses are as comfortable as possible. Read on for some useful tips to help you decide on the best type of horse barn for you and your horses.

Common Horse Barn Designs

At Raber Storage Barns, we offer several different styles of horse barns. Learn more about each type below.

Open Horse Barns

Also called a run-in style barn, an open horse barn features three solid sides and an open front. These barns provide lots of fresh air and natural night while offering added protection from the back and sides. Generally speaking, open horse barns are often the most affordable style, as they are built with minimal materials and a simple design. For horse enthusiasts on a budget, these small horse barns can be a great, economical option.

A big benefit of open horse barns is that they give your horses the ability to access the shelter at any time. Instead of relying on you to let them in and out of their stall, your horse will be able to come and go as they please in an open horse barn.

Shed Row Barns

A shed row horse barn is similar to an open horse barn, but it has a solid front wall with stall doors. These horse barns typically have 2 or 3 stalls, but the number of stalls can be customized to fit your needs. Shed row style barns still offer plenty of ventilation and fresh air for your horses, while also providing full protection on all sides.

Shed row barns can also be equipped with a tack room, which you can use to store your farm tools, equipment, and horse-related items.

Deluxe Horse Barns

Raber’s deluxe horse barns are much like our shed row barns, but with additional features. These barns can include 2 to 4 horse stalls and come with an overhang at the front of the building for even more protection for your horses. Deluxe horse barns also feature a tack room for your equipment and supplies, along with an optional hay manger and feeder. 

Custom Horse Barns

If you have a specific horse barn design in mind or are looking for something one-of-a-kind, a custom horse barn may be the right choice for you. Raber Storage Barns can completely customize your new horse barn from start to finish. You can also opt to design your own barn with our 3D building tool.

Considerations When Choosing a Horse Barn Design

Now that you’re familiar with some of the different horse barn styles, it’s time to determine which one is best for you. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding on your barn style.

Number of Horses

Naturally, the number of horses that you’re housing will have a big impact on the type of barn you choose. For example, if you have several horses, it would probably be a good idea to opt for something bigger than an open horse barn.

If you’re looking to buy a horse barn with stalls, we recommend choosing more stalls than you have horses. That way, you’ll have space to house any additional horses you may get down the road. Even if you don’t add more horses to your herd, having an extra stall or two in your barn creates plenty of additional storage space.

Additional Features and Extras

Do you want your horse barn to have all the bells and whistles, or are you content with something more simple and basic? The number of extra features you desire can dictate which horse barn design you end up choosing, as some features are only compatible with certain horse barn styles.


Climate may not be one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about the style of your new horse barn, but it’s certainly something to consider. Some horse barn designs are better suited for certain climates. For example, open horse barns or run-in sheds are a good choice for warm climates due to the amount of ventilation and air flow.

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